(and all the ones in between)
come to LIFE.

with Heather Born

(and all the ones in between)
come to LIFE.

with Heather Born

My dearest badass broad —

It all started on a massage table in Sayulita…

Imagine you’ve just stepped into an open air bungalow two stories up, surrounded by the lush green of the Mexican jungle, overlooking the Pacific ocean.

A massage table, oils, a friendly face, and a gentle tropical breeze await you.

You’re given a little privacy to slip out of your bikini, lay it on the bamboo chair next to the curtained doorway, and effortlessly hop up onto the table, lightly draping a soft white towel over yourself.

You prop yourself up on your elbows for just a few seconds to take in the majesty of the ocean right before your eyes, breathe in the salt air, and then settle into a gentle rest as you lower yourself onto your belly.

You close your eyes and sink into the table.

The friendly face who greeted you re-enters the bungalow and places a light hand on the small of your back.

“Are you ready?,” she asks.

You exhale a soft “Yes” and sink deep into 90 minutes of total bliss.

That’s when the ideas, revelations, and clarity start coming and keep coming.

This exact experience is available to you.

But before we get to that, I want you to imagine being surrounded by a Sisterhood that feels like that.

where revelatory clarity happens without effort and there is no pressure to perform.

A Sisterhood
where you get to relax into being and becoming exactly who you are.

A Sisterhood
where your journey is the focus, your heart’s desires for your life are nourished, and your ideas flow and sink deep into your skin like warm, yummy oil.

This vision for your life and
The BORN ICONIC Sisterhood
as your support system is the exact vision that came to me as I melted into that massage table in
Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico.

And now it’s yours for the taking.

This is your invitation
to mastermind any (or every) part of your life, sister.

Become your OWN icon.
Slay your personal desires and professional goals.
Be surrounded by a Sisterhood of
intentional badass broads
just like you.

If you want to inspire YOURSELF by being a sashaying, slaying, all-daying example of exactly what’s possible in your own life and trust yourself for what you actually want, this is for you

If you crave a support system of diverse, talented, intuitive womxn surrounding you 24/7 for an entire year who will witness you, celebrate you, truly get to know you, and hold you accountable to your goals as you become the person you’ve always wanted to be, this is for you

If you wish you could jump onto social media and actually feel safe and supported and — oh, I don’t know — EXCITED AND INSPIRED rather than numbed out, hidden, or caught in a comparison trap, this is for you

If you desire a space in your life where you can be ALL of you — not just your job, your status as a wife, mom, daughter, or friend, or what you can do or be for others, then you guessed it — this is for you

If you’re ready to cut the shit and step into your own personal icon status once and for all…

Hear me on this — it’s your time.

You were
born iconic.

It’s time to live your life like it.

The Sisterhood

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24/7 Private Facebook Group Support full of women who support you as you both be and become. Who you are right now in this moment is already enough and an incredible gift. Who you’re becoming is someone and something the world has never seen. Do you know that? We need you. YOU need you.

That’s exactly why we’re here to support you as you set and reach both your tiny and MASSIVE goals.

The BORN ICONIC Sisterhood is your personal accountability & transformation group filled with womxn who’ve got your back as you BE and BECOME who you say you are and DO and ACCOMPLISH what you’ve set out to do.

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A Giant, Curated Resource Library on topics like Body Tools, Breathwork, Business, Faith, Fitness, Goals, Identity, Inner Child, Meditations, Mindset, Money, Nervous System Regulation, Practicing Presence, Purpose, Recipes, Stretching, Style, and Trauma Healing.

Your resource library lives on a curated Pinterest board and consists of excellent, vetted YouTube videos, book recs, articles, and products.

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Special Guests Who Inspire You & help you feel fully supported in your journey of becoming the person YOU most desire to be.

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Monthly BORN ICONIC Method Written Trainings + Reflective Questions to support you in your personal development. You’ll also receive access to a vetted collection of BORN ICONIC approved journals to inspire you in your personal work!

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A Leader Who Leads By Example and does the work of becoming and goal-reaching along side of you.


MONTHLY VISA GIFT CARD GIVEAWAYS to make your heart stand up and shout! YES, REALLY! I love the idea of gifting blessings for the pure JOY of it, so we’re baking it into the DNA of The Sisterhood just for fun. ICONIC, right??


Covid permitting, the option to travel IN PERSON to a Sisterhood EXCLUSIVE RETREAT in SAYULITA, NAYARIT, MEXICO AT THE PLAYA ESCONDIDA RESORT (where Bachelor in Paradise is filmed)!

You get ALL of this for only $37/mo or $397 pay-in-full
(a 10% savings!)

So about that massage table in Sayulita…

God knows a 4 day / 3 night retreat in PARADISE sipping Mai Tais and Margaritas on the beach with the womxn you’ve been transforming with all year all while bouncing your gaze between the Pacific ocean and the lush Mexican jungle is an easy HALLELUJAH HELL YES.

So for something EXTRA special and FUN:

ALL SISTERHOOD MEMBERS are MASSIVELY WELCOMED and DEEPLY ENCOURAGED to plan on attending our exclusive, in-person, BORN ICONIC Sisterhood members only retreat scheduled for the Fall of 2021 so we can HANG IN PERSON IN REAL TIME

There is no agenda other than to be together, relax, and have fun. And don’t be surprised if you get walloped with big, beautiful impressions of what’s next for you while you’re here! I definitely did! 

I can personally attest to the unexpected inspiration and RIDICULOUS tranquility of this resort. My husband Keil and I just spent our 3 year wedding anniversary here and it. is. MAGICAL. The Sisterhood was born here on that exact massage table in the pics above!

See our FAQs below for more details!

Check out The Playa Escondida Resort here!

Favorite ready to buy pieces from my OWN Digital Boutique!

Oh and one more thing —
There’s a method inside The Sisterhood to guide you through your badass journey of becoming.

If you’re looking for even more than the transformative accountability and support of the community inside The Sisterhood and desire additional training and introspective opportunities —

enables you to: 

Identify | Understand | Embrace | Celebrate | Embody

who you already are and who you were always designed to be.

Ready for a sneak peek of The Method?


IDENTIFY (Self-Discovery) — IDENTIFY is where you’ll have the opportunity to take personal inventory of who you are and the things you’re here to do (hint: the desires of your heart are there for a reason!) and get clear on the goals you’ll set for yourself inside this container.

This is where you’ll identify 3-5 goals to commit to during our year together and how you want to reach them. 


UNDERSTAND (Self-Awareness) — UNDERSTAND is where you’ll look at your intentions for this leg of your journey and start your deep dive into seeing your intentions and goals come to life.

You’re welcomed to get introspective together with the other womxn inside The Sisterhood to UNDERSTAND who you are, how to achieve your desired goals, and what you most want out of this phase of your life.


EMBRACE (Self-Confident Empowerment) — EMBRACE is when you allow yourself to relax into getting good and used to exactly who you’ve always been designed to be. Embrace her. Take steps toward her every day. Renew your mind for her. Become her.

You’ll learn to EMBRACE the process of stepping further into YOU and the goals and desires you’ve set for yourself.


CELEBRATE (Self-Celebration) — CELEBRATE is where we practice going HAM with joy and child-like faith! We’re setting the tone of RAUCOUS CELEBRATION to cheer on the new you! 

CELEBRATE is a YOU party — literally physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even financially stepping into the identity and atmosphere of all that you are, are becoming, and are actively creating.


EMBODY (Authentic Self-Expression) — EMBODY, the final portion of the Method, is when it all comes together. The person you’ve been steadily becoming who walks in the reality of the goals you set out to accomplish is here to stay.

This is where you start getting comfortable in the new of you. EMBODY is an active transformation into the self-expressed vision of yourself and the life you’ve been curating all along.

The BORN ICONIC Sisterhood

Expansive. All-Encompassing. Collaborative.
Wildly Supportive.

We find out who you ARE. Witness her. Support her.

You’ll set goals for any and every area of your life you want to see explode with your greatest potential. 

When it comes to masterminding your life, living into your desires and goals, and becoming your OWN icon, you need a support system and method that stands 
heads and hair flips above the crowd.
We’ve got you.

What’s UP, sister! 

I’m Heather Born and I’m here to wake you up to the fact that you were born ICONIC.

Self-expression has been part of my DNA since “surprising” my mom with blue lipstick in my 8th grade school picture.  

I’m a former full-time missionary who’s worked with everyone from college students to porn stars. Now, I’m the creator of The BORN ICONIC Sisterhood and The BORN ICONIC Mastercrew, lead stylist of The BORN ICONIC Style Method, and founder of fragrance & fashion brand JOY RIOT!.

My life’s work revolves around blowing the lid off of who each of us are and what we’re here to do because our identity MATTERS.

You are electric.

Now let’s make sure you live the part!

The BORN ICONIC Sisterhood is a 1 year minimum membership commitment from the day you join. You’re welcomed to show up in the group as often as you like! From multiple times daily to once a week or once a month, it’s up to you. There’s no pressure to perform here. The Sisterhood is 100% available to you when you need it!

$37/mo, dude. That’s IT. This is our Founder Rate. The Sisterhood is a life-transforming membership that is super financially accessible by design!

HELL YES. Imagine how incredible it would be to have your ride-or-die soul sisters in The Sisterhood with you! Elevating together is powerful and will only serve to lift you even higher. Plus — SO MUCH FUN. Just shoot your girls the link to this page to sign up and start their membership!

We’re looking at late September/early October 2021. Details for travel, food, lodging, and ticket prices are still underway, but $1500 should be more than enough to cover the entire trip. 

Please note — the cost of your Sisterhood membership is not included in the price of travel, food, lodging, and accommodations for the retreat! You are responsible for paying your own way. Start setting aside your coins now!

I recommend setting 3-5 goals you want to work toward hitting throughout the duration of our year together during your first 1-2 weeks inside The Sisterhood. This will help set the precedence for yourself. And yes — your goals are totally allowed to shift and change throughout the year as you shift and change throughout the year!

Sister, it’s BOTH. You are not one dimensional and neither is The Sisterhood. You are welcomed to show up in ALL your glory, with ALL your personal AND professional goals to transform EITHER or BOTH areas of your life!

We do not offer early cancelations of monthly memberships (unless you are experiencing extreme extenuating circumstances) nor do we offer refunds. We’ve made The Sisterhood membership’s price point accessible on purpose!

This is THE opportunity you’ve been waiting for to do something special for YOU.

The BORN ICONIC Sisterhood
goes well beyond personal growth and goals.

Personal growth and knocking goals into the stratosphere is amazing, but I’ll tell you a little secret — growth and goals are really about blowing back the doors (and your hair) on your heart’s desires, identity, and purpose

And another secret?
Having safe, wildly supportive people in your corner to witness, cheer on, and participate in your transformative becoming is the GREATEST secret to success there is.

The Sisterhood is about curating your ICONIC IDENTITY, one and only purpose-filled LIFE, and proclamation of who you ARE.

I know how much of yourself you pour into your career, friends, fam, and so many tiny details that swirl around your world.

It’s your time to pour into YOU and your STRATOSPHERIC aspirations. 

The by-product of everything else in your life naturally stepping the hell up is icing.

The BORN ICONIC Sisterhood
is for YOU, mama.

We are here to help you live your life
like a mother effing icon.

Are you READY?

Rock & Roll!

Heather Born