with JOY & Self-Expression Queen
Heather Born

with JOY & Self-Expression Queen
Heather Born

get styled like a mother effing icon

Dear boss ass business woman and anyone who wants to have a hell of a lot of fun expressing who you are through your style + getting paid because of what your style communicates to your people —

Do you know that who you are deeply matters and that your work has something MAJOR to offer the world?

Do you just need a freaking system that cuts out all the chaos around styling yourself so you can go, do, and be your best? 

Do you want to inspire others by being a sashaying, slaying, all-daying example of exactly what’s possible and have heard that your wardrobe talks for you and your business? 

Do you know that your time is money (aka extremely valuable) and your unique style-brand positioning gets you paid to consistently look as good as you feel?

Are you convinced that — OH YES, HONEY, you’re worth it — because you know how vital YOU 2.0 is to your own success and your audience’s?

Are you ready to cut the shit and step into icon status once and for all?

Because here’s the thing, sister —

Me too.

I’ve known that I am something special since I was a little girl.

I also know how important it is to maintain that childlike faith and radical belief.

In a world full of messaging that does its damndest to steal that God-sparkle from our eyes,
defiance is a glorious requirement.

Name one iconic figure in herstory who didn’t defy —

The odds, the industry — hell, even the afterlife.

They’re legends.

I’ve always felt more comfortable standing out than fitting in and the #1 way I naturally do this is through my style.

In my younger years, that looked like
blue, black, and purple lipstick casually painted
across my pout and a whole lotta black on black on black on COLOR.

They called me a freak — daily.

Well —

Guess who moved to L.A., has worked with household name brands (what’s up, Sexy Hair), styles wildly successful entrepreneurs, founded an industry-shaking fragrance brand, and also happens to find time to roller skate and gaze into the eyes of her wildly foxy husband?

This little mama right here.

The one with defiance + faith + style IN SPADES. 

I know you relate to this.

A lot of us were “different” for all the right reasons.

So what I have to say to you is this —

It’s SO ok to know exactly who you are and to dress the part.

To know it in your bones and make no apologies for it.


There has never been and never will be another you

Past, present, and future, you are one in forever.

So own it. 

Wear it. 

Be it.

You were born iconic.

The BORN ICONIC Style Method In Detail

The BORN ICONIC Style Method
enables you to: 

Identify | Understand | Embrace | Celebrate | Embody

who you already are and who you were always designed to be.

So let’s paint a picture of the Style Method and break down exactly what’s going to happen.


IDENTIFY (Self-Discovery)Your Personal Intake — The very first portion of the Style Method invites you into an in-depth personal style Q&A where you’ll have the opportunity to get introspective before we come together to discuss. Your written Q&A is where you’ll begin to identify your likes, dislikes, must haves, and no thanks. Treat this time as an exercise in foundational self-discovery.

IDENTIFY lays a solid groundwork to set us up for success when we transition to the next phases of the Method, so when it’s time to move forward, I can refer back to a snapshot of YOU at any moment.


UNDERSTAND (Self-Awareness) Our Initial Phone Call — This is where we’ll deep dive into all your preferences together. We’ll go over IDENTIFY (aka your style Q&A) and ask any necessary additional questions to UNDERSTAND who you are, who you’re becoming, your styling goals, and what you most want out of having a professional stylist in your corner. 

This is also where we’ll begin brainstorming the NAME of your style identity. The purpose for this is so that when you continue to venture out on your own or with girlfriends (because we both know you will), you’re empowered to stay ON brand and IN creative understanding of the style we’re curating for you.


EMBRACE (Self-Confident Empowerment)Your Style Identity Vision + Curated Digital BoutiqueThis is where you kick back, go about your boss ass life, and let me work my magic.

EMBRACE is where I first design your Style Identity Vision and then curate your very own Digital Boutique! Both your Vision and Boutique are designed on private Pinterest boards.

Your Vision Board’s focus is to hone the vibe of your style identity. You get to weigh in here to make sure you’re OBSESSED with your style vision before I dive into personal shopping for your Boutique.

Your Boutique is an extensive home to purchasable pieces I’ve curated to fit your style direction + wardrobe that reflect the brand new style we’re designing for you.

Just imagine walking into a store where every single item is pre-vetted and ready and waiting for you to fawn over! 

When I present your Boutique, you’ll have the opportunity to weigh in on what you LOVE & NEED IMMEDIATELY, THANKS and what we can say see-ya-never to. When we’ve got a Boutique that makes you question if you’ve in fact stepped directly into Heaven, we’ll begin placing orders to have your clothing shipped straight to your doorstep. 

BONUS: You KEEP your Style Identity Vision Board & Digital Boutique after we finish working together. OF COURSE YOU DO. You can continue purchasing from your Boutique any time you want!


CELEBRATE (Self-Celebration)Your Fitting Process w/ Special BORN ICONIC Care Package — This is the grand arrival, baby!! Once every item you’ve purchased has strutted its way into your home, we’ll have you open a very special BORN ICONIC Care Package from me before trying on your goods. 

I have a special style ritual prepared for you to create a fun, celebratory try-on experience.

It’s massively important that we set the tone of RAUCOUS CELEBRATION by including all your senses — touch, taste, sight, sound, and scent — in the trying-on process. We’ll do this with your Care Package by setting up your environment to cheer on the new you. That’s all I’ll tell you for now — the rest is a secret until it’s time! 

CELEBRATE is a YOU party — literally, physically stepping into the style identity and atmosphere of all that you are and are becoming. So get ready! This is the most exciting part of our work together!

BONUS: All LA/OC pay-in-full clients may opt into requesting an in-person CELEBRATE session with me so I can celebrate WITH you as you try on your new threads AND STYLE YOU IN PERSON, IN REAL TIME! More info on this below!


EMBODY (Authentic Self-Expression) Your New Wardrobe / Style Dossier / Special Gift — The final portion of the Style Method is when it all comes together. Now that you’ve got your clothes, EMBODY transforms you into the vision of yourself that we’ve actively curated.

I will create a personalized Digital Style Dossier as a leave piece for you that outlines your new style identity + includes the pieces you’ve purchased styled into outfits — think of this as your own personal Style Bible.

Finally, you’ll receive one last very special gift from me that I’ve had designed especially for you. Hint: It’s shiny, wearable, and reminds you of who you ARE.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you’d like to work together longer than your initial package denotes, we’ll flow primarily between stages EMBRACE | CELEBRATE | EMBODY while checking in with IDENTIFY & UNDERSTAND as both you and your style expand and evolve.

Favorite ready to buy pieces from my OWN Digital Boutique!


A premium, high-touch, in-depth:

Remote Fashion Stylist & Personal Shopper

Digital Boutique Curator

Self-Expression & Branding Advisor

in your back pocket who SEES YOU.

The BORN ICONIC Style Method

Untitled 3Created with Sketch.

Dedicated direction and crystalized clarity on your personal style identity + a deep understanding of your own iconic identity — because there is no personal style without personal development — who you are and who you’re becoming matters!

Untitled 3Created with Sketch.

A fully curated and personalized Digital Boutique specially designed for you to shop and buy from in the comfort of your own home or on the go. Imagine walking into a store with your name on it where everything is already vetted for every single one of your preferences, delights, surprises, sizes, and occasions. GIRL. Yeah. It’s GOOD.

Untitled 3Created with Sketch.

THE GOODS! A new and ever evolving wardrobe that screams ICONIC. Clothing, shoes, and accessories that make your heart stand up and SHOUT.

Untitled 3Created with Sketch.

Your style doing WERK to fully support YOU — your lifestyle, career, and cash flow. How you look impacts how you feel. How you feel impacts what you believe. What you believe impacts how you show up. How you show up impacts what you $$$ make $$$. We’ll make sure everything is aligned.

Untitled 3Created with Sketch.

Unlimited Voxer support throughout the entirety of our time together to ensure maximal personal touch points. I am readily available to you and look forward to building a relationship with you as the newest edition to your team!

Untitled 3Created with Sketch.

A Digital Style Dossier that acts as your Personal Style Brand Bible. It has your style identity spelled out + curated outfits based on your purchases visually represented to help you style yourself in the future.

Untitled 3Created with Sketch.

The option to continue working together and evolving your style + iconic identity after our initial partnership!


INSTANT ACCESS to me upon acceptance into the Style Method. This means your style journey starts IMMEDIATELY.


A Celebration Day Care Package full of friggin FABULOUS hand-selected gifts and goodies (worth hundreds!) that invite all your senses — touch, taste, sight, sound, and scent — into your celebration day. Your Care Package is designed to set the CELEBRATE tone and curate an environment that guides you into feeling fully jazzed and supported as you try on your new wardrobe.


An EXCLUSIVE custom gift (hint: it’s shiny, gorgeous, and wearable!) during the EMBODY stage of the Style Method.


The option to be STYLED BY ME IN PERSON during CELEBRATE.

You can always choose to rock your CELEBRATE fitting day solo or with friends. These are AWESOME choices. 

But for something EXTRA special and FUN:

ALL LOS ANGELES / ORANGE COUNTY PAY-IN-FULL CLIENTS may opt into requesting an in-person CELEBRATE session with me where I come to you to celebrate WITH you during your in-home fitting process and also STYLE YOU in person in real time. YES GIRL. 

All PAY-IN-FULL clients receive this in-person bonus option INCLUDED IN YOUR PACKAGE FOR FREE.

Please be sure to request your in-person CELEBRATE day(s) upon initial acceptance + payment so we can sync calendars!

The BORN ICONIC Style Method
is high touch. 

Premium. Deep. Collaborative. FUN.

We find out who you ARE and UNLEASH HER.

When it comes to your style and identity, you need a proven Method that stands heads and hair flips above the crowd of: 

Hit or miss style subscription boxes that don’t get to the bottom of identifying YOU because frankly, their intake quizzes suck, the process is impersonal, and hoping to God you get something even remotely YOU is painful and needs to just be over already.

Stylists who won’t (and don’t know how) to understand you or go deep with you as an individual and business owner with specific desires, goals — and hello — nuanced quirks (you LOVE glitter, but HATE sequins!) and opinions.

Personal shoppers who give you clothing that fits their version of you, and subsequently don’t invite you into embracing the unique curation of who you actually are and are becoming.

Final purchasing decisions that end at having new clothes in your closet with no real embodied joy or celebration of all that you are and want out of your life.

Zero direction in showing you how to put it all together and actually embody your authentic self-expression.

Allathis is what you won’t encounter with me.

Want to know what you WILL encounter?

Personalized & Collaborative Style Direction

Style Identity Curation & Evolution

Clarity & Empowerment around Self-Expression & Personal Branding

FUN that Impacts both your Mindset & Earning Potential

Support & Mentorship

Attention to Detail & Desires

Surprise & Delight (the gifts alone are freaking good!)

A wardrobe that makes you feel like the mother effing ICON you ARE

What’s UP, mama! 

I’m Heather Born and I’m here to wake you up to the fact that you were BORN iconic.

Style and self-expression have been part of my DNA since “surprising” my parents with blue lipstick in my 8th grade school picture.

I’m a former full-time missionary and professional writer with a background in branding and sales. Now, I’m the creator and lead stylist of The BORN ICONIC Style Method, founder of lifestyle beauty brand JOY RIOT!, and self-expression advisor.

My life’s work revolves around blowing the lid off of who each of us are and what we’re here to do because our identity MATTERS.

You are electric.

I’ll make sure you dress the part.

Hell yes. I would love for you to invite one of your ride-or-die soul sisters to apply for the Style Method and go through it simultaneously so you can compare notes and encourage each other. Elevating together is powerful and will only serve to lift you even higher. Plus, oh my God — SO MUCH FUN.

Either you or your assistant will handle the actual purchasing of your clothing in order to ensure complete control and privacy of your financial information. Note that clothing is a separate expense from services rendered.

Just let me know ASAP and we’ll work around your schedule! The only portion of the Style Method that’s impacted by vaca is CELEBRATE — when it’s actually time to try on your clothing. Otherwise, we can continue working together from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

For the convenience of having everything you choose to buy from your Digital Boutique sent to the comfort of your own home to try on, this is definitely part of the process and is to be expected. If we encounter any surprises and you receive anything that isn’t quite IT, (think sizing is off, color wasn’t represented accurately, etc), I’ll have return policies and addresses prepped and ready for you or your assistant to keep us happily and seamlessly within return and exchange windows.

This is THE opportunity you’ve been looking for to do something unique and premium for YOU.

The BORN ICONIC Style Method
goes well beyond clothes.

New clothes are amazing, but I’ll tell you a little secret — style is really about blowing back the doors (and your hair) on your identity

It’s about wearing your ICONIC IDENTITY on your sleeve — literally — and curating your unique self, aesthetic, and outward manifestation of who you ARE.

I know how much of yourself you pour into your career, your friends, your fam, and your
STRATOSPHERIC aspirations.

It’s your time to pour into YOU and feel like an MFing rock star at all times for no damn reason other than you WANT TO and you’ve GOT TO.

The by-product of everything else in your life naturally stepping the hell up is icing.

The BORN ICONIC Style Method
is for YOU, mama.

Are you READY?

Investment for the Signature Package is $5000.
This is for women building personal brands &/or who want the FULL Style Method treatment. 

My Mini Package is available for women looking for a massive personal refresh
(without all the branding bells and whistles).
Investment is $2500.

Compare the Signature to the Mini here!

Rock & Roll!

Heather Born