Your unshakeable trust in this statement will dictate the trajectory of your entire life.

Because here’s the thing — you already know who you are.

You’ve always known.

When you were the first to speak up.

When you were the last one picked.

When you wore what you wanted & no, not for attention.

When they changed your first name to “FREAK!”.

When the improbable felt like the only thing possible.

You knew. You’ve always known. You’ve stood out more than you fit in your entire life.

So why the hell is it so easy to forget?

“Be yourself” is not some bullshit cliché. It’s a raw-throated, tear-stained, joy dance & is your lifelong battle cry.

It does not require you to FIND yourself. It requires you to BECOME MORE OF WHO YOU ALREADY ARE — who you were already created to be.

It exists LOUDLY inside of you & it can’t shut up.

Even when doubt fogs your mind & fear of failure or success rises up, your life story speaks for itself.

You’ve never been like the rest of them, darling.

Whether you make some noise or not is up to you.

Meet Heather Born

My name’s Heather Born & I’m here to wake you up and model what’s possible.

I’m the founder of the beauty brand JOY RIOT!® & creator of the Candy Ass® perfume collection.  

I’m more interested in rock & roll than business as usual & get heart-drunk on the fact that there’s no one else on the planet like YOU.

My life’s work revolves around blowing the lid off of who each of us are and what we’re here to do because our identity & purpose MATTER.

Let my voice be a symphony to your wild.

You are electric.

God is your biggest fan.

We’re in this together.

Don’t ever forget it.