on business, leadership, & life for Christian business women, entrepreneurs, & leaders on a mission to praise God,
serve well, make bank,
& kick ass. 

with Heather Born

on business, leadership, & life for Christian business women, entrepreneurs, & leaders on a mission
praise God, serve well, make bank,
& kick ass. 

with Heather Born

No more looking to the left
or the right, sister.


The BORN ICONIC Mastercrew 
stands heads and hair flips above even attempting to reach your next level on your own.

We commit to our collective up-level.

We become the women God Himself
masterminded us to be.

We partner with all of heaven to impact and influence. 

We. Make. Money.

This is your invitation to be surrounded by a
Mastercrew of badass Jesus broads doing
business and life a whole lot differently.


If you know it’s time to up your game in business and life, become the influential leader you were designed to be, and hit those 6, multi-6, and 7+ figures in 2021, this is for you.

If you crave a high-level support system of successful, driven, industry-diverse, FUN AF business women surrounding you 24/7 who support you, strategize with you, celebrate you, truly get to know you, and hold you accountable to your God-sized vision, this is for you.

If you’re here to maintain the mind of Christ in business and life, make beaucoup bank, be a testimony of possibility to the women and girls around you, and step into your God-given icon status once and for all…

Hear me on this — it’s your time.

You were
born iconic.

It’s time to live your life like it.

The Mastercrew

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24/7 Voxer (VOICE + TEXT) Masterminding SUPPORT

Our BORN ICONIC Voxer Support is the heartbeat of this mastermind and your #1 lifeline to kicking ass.

You have a group of your peers  the wisest, warmest, most brilliant business peers you know all accessible and on tap 24/7.

Any strategy you want to discuss. Any business question you have to ask. Any problem you need to work out. Any idea you’d love to expand. Any win you’ve gotta share like yesterday. Any prayer request you need covered immediately. Any a-ha you’re practically bursting over. This is where it happens.

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24/7 Private Facebook Group Support

Our private Facebook group is where our trainings + training discussions are housed, guest teachers & coaches go live, special classes and book studies are held, and announcements are made. We also connect here with spontaneous live video + written posts from Mastercrew members to support even deeper communication + processing styles.

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Biweekly Zoom Prayer + MASTERMIND MeetingS

2x per month, we come together from all over the country to mastermind & pray together face-to-face. This time together is FIRE. Seriously. We’ve been known to go for 2 or 3 hours! 

The floor is yours to openly share and bring anything you’re facing in business, leadership, or your personal growth to the table, receive insight, perspective shifts, expanded ideas, encouragement, prophetic words, and atmosphere-shifting prayer. 

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The BORN ICONIC Method trainings are designed to guide you through a deep understanding of who you ARE (identity) and what you’re here to DO (purpose). You’re welcome to go through the trainings on your own and discuss together inside our private Facebook groupPersonal development is paramount to your professional success and we are here for it.

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We excel in getting the right people in the same room together and facilitating breakthrough. You can expect guest teachers and coaches to aid you in feeling fully supported in your journey of becoming the badass business owner and woman you’re here to be.

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You have a very present leader in your corner who speaks into your business, life, mindset, and spirit, and also opens up the behind-the-scenes of my own. I am in the midst of building not 1, but 2 brands — service and product-based — and am 100% actively in this with you.


How does our own private yoga instructor sound? Or a book study on heaven invading your finances? 7+ hours of worship on a curated playlist for your 1:1 time with God? A custom 18k gold signet ring exclusive to Mastercrew members? Good? Great. You got it.


Covid permitting, we’re planning our first annual IN PERSON Winter Wonderland Retreat in Big Bear Lake, CA, Dec 2021! Whether you remain active in The Mastercrew through every new 6 month opening or are Mastercrew alum, YOU’RE INVITED.

The BORN ICONIC Mastercrew
is a container of MASSIVE support, growth, transformation, and celebration.
When accepted into the mastermind, you agree 
to align with the following: 

1. Jesus is LORD. 

2. The Mastercrew is a spiritually safe space. We do not participate in spiritual bypassing, abuse, or God-splaining. We are a BEAUTIFUL tapestry of Godly grown ass women from diverse backgrounds, denominations, and convictions on unique journeys. We co-journey with deep respect and obnoxiously loud cheering. 

3. Black women’s lives matter. For white members of this group especially, we ask you to take personal accountability in your own anti-racism work. As a white woman and leader of this mastermind, I am also in this work and take creating a safe and powerful space for women of all non-white ethnicities seriously. 

4. We believe in Kingdom over everything, including politics and conspiracies. We do not do political entanglement. There’s a large portion of the American church confusing allegiances right now. This isn’t us. 

5. We are daughters of the King with the minds of Christ. While this is a safe place to grow, we take accountability for renewing our minds and do not sit in lack or victim mentalities. This is especially relevant to our business relationships and finances.

6. We respect each other’s unique giftings, business models, and God-given ideas and do not steal from one another. We DO however inspire each other into our own greatness. 

7. The information, stories, and experiences shared inside The Mastercrew are private and we honor each other’s trust within this container.


are MASSIVELY WELCOMED & DEEPLY ENCOURAGED to give all of the above a full-body

“I love being part of this mastermind.

It is so refreshing to find a place where you can openly talk about not only your business plans and your ideas, but also to be able to share about your personal life if you choose to and listen to Godly advice of people who want nothing but good things for you.

Heather and the ladies in here have created such a supportive environment where we learn about life and grow deeper in God’s knowledge.

One of my favorite parts of this mastermind is that we pray for each other. We go back to the basics and just pray. We listen to God and speak life and truth into each other and that’s rare to find, especially online!

Heather has such a calming voice. She has a strong and loving personality and she has so much knowledge about life and God that I can see why He has asked her to create this space for so many women. She continuously brings us all back to the truth of who we are in God.”

Bondie Metchore // Fort Worth, TX
Bondie Metchore
Online Business Consultant

“Being in the same room (whether virtually or physically) with Heather Born catalyzes me to be my most authentic, vibrant self.

She is a freaking expert at building safe communities, encouraging others to embrace their purpose, and modeling by example what it looks like to walk boldly in your identity.

Everything she creates is MAGIC and an easy “Hallelujah, hell YES!” Jump in. You won’t be disappointed.”

Kristen Achziger // Sacramento, CA
Going Ultraviolet
CEO & Humanized Sales Strategist, Going Ultraviolet

“After I joined this mastermind, I realized I wasn’t just investing in myself, but also a community. Integrating faith with business comes naturally for these ladies and it’s an amazing experience to celebrate and brainstorm with them and challenge each other to dig a little deeper in love.”

Elizabeth Rains // Killeen, TX
Jacks Mountain Self-Care Co.
Chaplain Herbalist & Founder, Jacks Mountain Self-Care Co.

“Heather brings unparalleled energy, grace, and encouragement as a leader. She is genuinely in your corner and dedicated to your growth.”

Sarah Koci Scheilz // Kansas City, MO
Sarah Koci Scheilz
Founder & Director of Engagement, The Connection Shop

We have a training method inside
The Mastercrew to guide you through your
journey of becoming both professionally & personally.

enables you to: 

Identify | Understand | Embrace | Celebrate | Embody

who you already are
and were always designed to be.

Ready for a sneak peek?


IDENTIFY (Self-Discovery / Feb 2021) — IDENTIFY is where you’ll have the opportunity to take personal inventory of who you are and the things you’re here to do. The desires of your heart are within you for a reason. IDENTIFY is an introspective look at the foundation of your God-given identity, purpose, and vision.


UNDERSTAND (Self-Awareness / Mar 2021) — UNDERSTAND is where you’ll observe the patterns of your life and look even deeper into who the Lord purposed you to be. Relax. Tune in. UNDERSTAND. It’s all there. It’s always been there.


EMBRACE (Self-Confident Empowerment / Apr 2021) — EMBRACE is when you allow yourself to get good and used to exactly who you’ve always been designed to be. Embrace her. Take steps toward her every day. Renew your mind for her. Become her. You’ll learn to EMBRACE the process of stepping further into YOU and the desires God’s given you.


CELEBRATE (Self-Celebration / May 2021) — CELEBRATE is where we practice going HAM with joy and child-like faith! We set the tone of rejoicing here. CELEBRATE is a YOU party — where you personally, professionally, spiritually, financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically step into the identity and atmosphere of all that you are, are becoming, and are actively co-creating with God.


EMBODY (Authentic Self-Expression / Jun & Jul 2021) — EMBODY, the final portion of the Method, is where it all comes together. The person you’ve steadily become who walks in the reality of your God-given gifts is here to stay. EMBODY is an active expression of the life and vision you’ve been curating with Holy Spirit all along.

Hey, sister. I’m Heather Born and I’m here to wake you up to the fact that you were born ICONIC

I’m a former missionary turned entrepreneur who’s worked extensively with everyone from college students to porn stars to CEOs. I’m also a former professional copywriter for household name brands like Sexy Hair, Poo-Pourri, & Man Crates.

Now, I am the founder of BORN ICONIC, an empowerment & lifestyle brand for badass millennial women and JOY RIOT!, a fragrance & fashion brand for Gen Z — Candy Ass is our debut fragrance line. 

I’m an East Coast broad through and through, but have called Los Angeles home for 10+ years.

My life’s work revolves around blowing the lid off of who each of us are and what we’re here to do. 

The BORN ICONIC Mastercrew is a 6 month membership commitment.

You’re welcome to show up in the mastermind as often as you like. From multiple times daily to a couple times a week, it’s up to you. We know you’re busy — there’s no pressure to perform or participate in every single thing, though we do expect you to show up for yourself and your co-members regularly. The Mastercrew is 100% available to you when you need it!

The Mastercrew’s Feb 2021 membership is $1500/mo or $9000 pay-in-full.

OUR FAST ACTING BONUS (decide to enroll within 48 hours) is $1225/mo or $7350 pay-in-full! Please ask Heather for this special link. 

YES. It’s INCREDIBLE having your Jesus-loving, ride-or-die, business besties in The Mastercrew with you. I speak from personal experience — my BFF is a Mastercrew member! Elevating together is powerful and will only serve to lift you even higher. Just share this page with your girls to sign up while our doors are open — Feb 8th 2021 is our opening day until we reopen our doors again in August.

Sister, it’s BOTH. You are not one dimensional and neither is The Mastercrew.

Though we are a business mastermind and are focused on building our businesses, leadership, impact, + bank with God, you’re encouraged to show up as ALL of you. Fully human. Fully multi-dimensional. Fully welcome.

The Mastercrew is special. This group of sisters are powerful, industry-diverse business women to brainstorm, problem solve, and expertly consult in business, and we’re also Spirit-filled women of God who are in your corner to support you when life happens. Your life impacts your business and your business impacts your life. The women inside The Mastercrew are here to ensure you are massively supported and successful in both.

We have a 3-step process to joining The BORN ICONIC Mastercrew:

1. Choose your payment method (monthly plan or pay-in-full) and make your first payment to secure your spot. Don’t wait on this — spots fill fast! Any of our 3 YES QUEEN buttons will take you there.

2. Review & sign our contract agreement — it will be emailed to you within 24 hours of payment confirmation. 

3. Fill out a brief Get To Know You form, submit, and high five yourself because you are 100% officially IN!

YES. We reopen our doors 2x a year and as a current member of The Mastercrew, you get first priority in having 1 of our limited spots. 

We do not offer early cancelations of membership commitments nor do we offer refunds of any kind. 

This is your opportunity to champion your business with God and strut into your next level.

The BORN ICONIC Mastercrew is 

Jesus-Centered. Prophetic. Full of God-Surprises.
Collaborative. Profitable. Powerful.
Wildly Supportive.

We witness who you are and where you’re going.
Support you, strategize with you, pray over you,

This isn’t a cute little small group who asks God for crumbs and pennies or puts bullshit Oliver Twist 
“Please sir, I want some more” orphan theology on a pedestal under the false god of “humility.” 

No ma’am.
This Mastercrew houses women who KNOW our status as daughters of the Risen King and RISE.

It’s your time to pour into YOU and your
STRATOSPHERIC business aspirations.

To live into your GOD-DESIGNED vision.

To lead, influence, and impact the world
like the badass Kingdom broad you are.

The BORN ICONIC Mastercrew is for YOU, sister.


See you inside,

Heather Born