What If…

Everything I envision, BECOMES.

Let’s take a deep breath together. Visionaries move a mile a minute & we need moments (more often than we think) to just center ourselves & be.


(I-n-h-a-l-e) … (Exhale)

Good. Ok, let’s get into it –

First of all, you are DOPE. Brilliant. Powerful. Needed.

Second, I know the magnitude of what’s sitting inside of you right now because me too.

12 years ago, a perfect stranger prophesied over me, “You do not yet know the magnitude of your call.”

And the thing is, she was right. At the time, I didn’t. But I do now.

I know you know.

You’re well aware your vision is beyond you. It’s so much BIGGER than you that sometimes when you really stop to think about it, it makes your breath catch in your throat.

In your most private moments – the ones you don’t share in your social circles, but might share with your therapist – you exhale softly & wonder, “HOW? Me??”.

You know what I have to say to that?


Let it take your breath away. Have your moments where you’re lost in a 50 foot stare. Because the truth is, you already know it’s yours to carry. To birth. To sustain. To POUR over every damn day because you’re so in love.

This is your baby we’re talking about here.

It’s a big ass responsibility & you feel the weight of it.


The flip side of the “holy shit…” coin is W-I-L-D excitement, alignment, & joooooy!! (imagine me singing that to you). 😉



If you’re familiar with me at all, you know I’ve been preparing to launch my lifestyle beauty brand JOY RIOT! for years. My fragrance line Candy Ass drops as my hero product this year. Whew. That alone makes me take a deep breath.

But that’s not the vision. That’s the vehicle.

You want to know my vision? The thing that makes MY breath catch in my throat?

It’s not to see my collection on the shelves of Ulta. Or to hit over a million in revenue our first year out the gate. Or to have majority female investors investing 6, multi-6, & 7 figures on my cap table. Those are my goals.

My vision is to champion the mental health of an entire generation.

It’s to double down on our mantra that FEELING GOOD MATTERS by doing more than creating fun products that amp joy.

It’s to take our customers by the hand & pay 50% of their therapy expenses for an entire year.


To set the new standard for brands.

My entire body tingles & my eyes well up when I think about it.

The vision is tangible.

It’s access. It’s hope. It’s healing that leads way to thriving. And it’s never been done before. Not by a beauty brand.

See, this is the DNA of my brand. It’s the DNA of me. The woman I show up in the world as.

It’s my heart as a former missionary turned Visionary CEO in a sentence.

It’s who we are. JOY. RIOT.

My financial projections show we’ll be able to help at least 50 people our first year. And the numbers will only skyrocket from there.

WHY is this my vision? Because I know what therapy did in my life. I remember the people who made it possible. And I want to pay it forward to as many people as possible.

HOW will I do it? It’s already built into my business model.

WHAT is my vision for myself as a woman? To be known as a person who creates pathways to JOY & lives as if everything is possible. To be lit up. To create & sustain beautiful, powerful relationships. To watch my family thrive. To be surrounded by FINE ass aesthetics. 😉 To be intimate with my Maker & a powerhouse in the Spirit. To inspire everyone around me. Most significantly, me.


Here’s the thing –

Visionaries dare. Visionaries lead. Visionaries ruffle feathers – include our own. It’s who we are.


And then we CREATE it.

Does it take us to our edges? Typically.

Does it make us feel like we have electric flowing through our veins? ALWAYS.

So what if it’s all within reach?

What if who you’re meant to become, the impact & influence you’re meant to have on the world, how you’ll get there, what it’ll take, & what it’ll give are all READY for you?

To identify. To understand. To embrace. To celebrate. To embody.

Check this out – 

If you read this quote & your heart leaps to its feet & starts moonwalking inside your chest, you’re in the right place:

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” -Apple


I feel seen every single time I read that quote.

And the fact that there’s a REAL good chance you’re reading these words on the TANGIBLE VISION of the people who said them… THAT’S what we’re talking about here.

THAT is visionary.

This is your opportunity to get clear on your vision & hold it. To build it. To solidify who you get to be in it. And to be held yourself. 

You already SEE what’s coming. Are you ready to BE what’s coming?



At A Glance:

  • 5 weeks
  • 24/7 daily Voxer group mastermind
  • 3 Zoom group workshopping meetings
  • Members only Facebook group
  • + 1:1 intensives available upon request (offered at a 60% discounted rate of $222 per rather than $555 per)

Stop & Stare:

The Timeline

Identify | Understand | Embrace | Celebrate | Embody

For 5 weeks, we’ll come together to identify, understand, embrace, celebrate, & embody your unique vision & who you are in the manifestation of it.

I ask that you choose ONE main vision to focus on during our 5 weeks. Though if a secondary vision is tied to your main vision, I GET IT. This often shows up as a professional + personal vision that are uniquely tied together. Just be clear that you intend to navigate 2 at once.

The Group Support

You will have immediate access to 3 different group support touch points:

  1. 24/7 daily Voxer group mastermind (vocal)
  2. 3 Zoom group workshopping meetings (visual)
  3. Members only Facebook group (written)

Expect to expand & acclimate to other big picture humans who give you input 24/7 to clarify, strategize, & biggie-size your vision.

This is where you get to go HAM in parsing through your ideas, your but-hows, your feelings, your questions, & your decisions with people as BIG PICTURE as you + get into the details of how.

You can participate in all 3, only 2, or just 1 group touch point. Your time is yours & is up to you.

Our goal is for you to exit this 5 weeks together with tangible action steps to turn your vision into reality & to trust yourself to do it well. 

The Private Support

You also have immediate access to book up to 2 1:1 45 minute intensives during our 5 weeks together. These sessions are offered at 60% off ($222 instead of $555) & are laser focused on only you – not you + the entire group.

This is where you have my rapt attention, expertise, & co-creative Visionary insight to work through the specifics of where you find yourself needing the most support.

This can be everything from workshopping strategy together to coaching you through seemingly unrelated emotions to everything in between. Your time is yours & is up to you.

The Reflective Support

Each week you will receive high-level questions to reflect on that support your progression as the VISIONARY. Every week’s collection of reflective questions coincides with our Identify | Understand | Embrace | Celebrate | Embody model.

We’ll navigate this modality loosely to ensure you get as much time as you need & don’t feel rushed. This is where you get to access your own brilliance with the company of yourself, the one person you most need to hear from, in a guided format.

The Secret Method

The simplicity of the Secret Method will astound you. This is the most profound practice I have ever experienced to crystalize the creative, playful, moving parts of my vision. It practically taunts new ideas & deeply held answers to bubble to the surface & explode onto the scene of your conscious mind.

The Secret Method is a practice. It goes hand-in-hand with the Reflective Support, but is not the same & will change your life if you spend time with it.

The Feeling

Electric. Lit up. Awake. Turned On. Tuned in. Steady. Grounded. Present. Supported. Seen. Safe. Energized. Clear. Empowered. F*cking thrilled.


Embodying who you are as the VISIONARY is about audacity. Desire. PLAY. Decision. Strategy. PLAN. This is your world. Your career. Your one wild & precious life. And everyone else’s you’re meant to inspire.

It’s the energy of excitement & the tenacity of execution.

It’s “What if…” in sky high heels & “It is so.” barefoot & dancing.

You are the VISIONARY.

Let’s get you the support you need & the clarity, strategy, & creative action your vision requires.

Ready? This is going to be GOOD.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild & precious life?”
-Mary Oliver

Special Note: Payment plan of $555/mo for 3 months or $333/mo for 5 months available upon request. Only 3 payment plan spots available. First come, first served. No refunds for PIF or payment plan.

Grab your spot below & SEE YOU INSIDE!