Speak Sessions couple the declarative power of YOUR voice & belief with the energy & belief of the collective to manifest your heart’s desires into FRUITION together.

⚡ If you’re ready to feel like you’ve got electric joy flowing through your veins

⚡ If you’re ready to live a LIT UP life

⚡ If you’re ready to play with BELIEF manifesting into REALITY in community



This offer is both simple & sensational.

Ancient texts teach that the power of life is in the TONGUE & that the faith of OTHERS can make one well.

Manifestation is a practice of belief & action. It is quite literally BELIEF IN MOTION.

And when it comes to belief – when it comes to not just hoping, but knowing (because you’re creating) – there is power in numbers.


Practice & play in the energy of
BELIEF in COMMUNITY. Manifest through the power of YOUR voice & OUR co-creative expectation.

The Overview:

⚡ Speak Sessions (face-to-face Zoom group meetings) every Tuesday evening 6-7pm PST

Speak Squad 24/7 members-only Facebook group

Speak Solo weekly reflective question for personal growth in the belief arena

⚡ $33/wk – charged weekly

⚡ Month-to-month membership

The Details:

Speak Sessions
Tuesday Night Zoom Meetings

Every single week, we’ll come together to SPEAK OUT LOUD the things we’re actively, intentionally manifesting in our lives & hold the energy of BELIEF for each other together.

⚡ We’ll begin each session with 5 minutes of breathing to allow everyone to hop on our call, center ourselves in JOY, & ground our nervous systems in the present moment.

⚡ When it’s your turn to speak, you have one minute to speak out what you’re manifesting. This is where YOU show up in belief for yourself & DECLARE. It’s also where WE show up in belief with you & AGREE.

You can plainly state. You can go on a joy rant. You can come to session each week & speak the exact same thing until it happens. You can speak into something new each time. It’s up to you.

Your job is to show up, speak the thing out loud, hold the energy of belief for yourself & others (over & over again!), continually replace outdated stories that no longer serve you, TAKE JOY-LACED ACTION, & rest in joyful expectation.

⚡ We’ll end each session with 5 minutes of tapping together to our special Speak Sessions mantra + a spontaneous blessing from me to you.

Speak Squad
24/7 Facebook Community

Every single day, you have full access to chat with each other in our private, members-only Facebook group. This is where you can:

⚡ Share up-to-the-second updates & hear from everyone else about what they’re experiencing in real time (going live inside the group is welcomed! faith comes through hearing!)

⚡ Feel your feels + get support & guidance when you need the energy of the group to help you stand firm in what you’re manifesting – aka get some virtual hugs & then sucker punch doubt in the throat with people who are walking this path with you

⚡ Ask questions, get advice & ideas on practical steps to take, receive insights from other people’s personal stories, share your ahas, discuss reflective questions, & celebrate FABULOUS sh!t becoming your lived reality

Speak Solo
Reflective Personal Work

Every single week you’ll receive a new deep AF reflective question to think, feel, or journal through in order to:

⚡ Be crystal clear on your WHY – to connect & reconnect with it – over & over

⚡ Actively look at any sneaky (& not so sneaky!) blocking-beliefs that come up

⚡ Intentionally reframe those blocking-beliefs into boujee-beliefs



Q: Will our weekly Speak Sessions be recorded?

A: Yes! We’ll record & reshare inside our Speak Squad private Facebook group. This way if you can’t make it to a particular meeting, you can STILL get in on the energy of the Sesh!

Q: Can I invite my friends to join Speak Sessions?

A: YOU BETTA. Having your friends in our Speak Squad is a unique AF way to stay in the energy of belief with people who know you & are in this with you in your daily life.

Q: If I need to dip for any reason & end my membership, how does that work?

A: Take note of the day you joined. This is a month-to-month membership where you’re charged weekly for ultimate ease. Cancelation is accepted at the completion of any full month (after 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 20 weeks, etc). Contact me at xoheatherborn@gmail.com a few days in advance & I’ll take care of you!

Q: Are refunds available?

A: Refunds are not available. Speak Sessions is an intentionally low-priced, month-to-month membership to make this a low-risk, high-service, no-brainer for you!

Q: Do I need to have any particular spiritual practice or belief system to join?

A: Everyone is welcome in Speak Sessions – no particular spiritual affiliation is necessary. For transparency, I am a God girl & personally believe that the desires of our hearts were intentionally placed there by a loving higher power who has outrageous good in store for us.

This said, the principal of belief (& what happens because of it) is universal. Your spiritual (or non spiritual!) journey is yours & yours alone. If you feel comfortable chopping it up with people of all different walks, then get your fine self in the room!

Q: Can I just bask in the glow of everyone else’s wins & watch?

A: Want to know a secret? Speak Sessions is also designed to get you in the habit of speaking UP for yourself. For your desires. For your dreams. For YOU.

Yes, this is about practicing & playing in the energy of belief in community to manifest your heart’s desires into fruition. This is also about trusting yourself & harnessing the power of your God-given VOICE to create change – which means that this is a no watch zone – it’s a mother effing SPEAK UP & SPEAK OUT command center!


It’s time for you & the desires of your heart to make manifest the AUDACIOUS ELECTRICITY of JOY

It’s all within reach.

The little things. The big ass things. Everything.

The desires of your heart are there for a reason.

Speak Sessions is “What if…” in sky high heels & “It is so.” barefoot & dancing.

Grab your spot & see you soon!

$33.00 / week