RICH B!TCH PITCH (Split Pay 2)


1. The Energetics of the Pitch – How to have FUN tapping into the energy of who YOU are, the clarity of your brilliance, & not just what, but WHO you’re bringing to the table.

2. The Vision of the Pitch – What you WANT & WHY – for yourself AND them.

3. The Targeting of the Pitch – Individuate who you’re intentionally aiming to get in front of & serve, how to learn about them, and how to get ahold of them.

4. The Mechanics of the Pitch – How to write the pitch itself + multiple examples – we’ll break down the art & heart of how to write a head-turning pitch from subject line to sign off + how to choose & GET a decisive call to action based on your desired next step.

5. The Follow Ups of the Pitch – How to bring continual value & JOY + build the relationship before you even get an initial response.



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